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UFO Flap 2/27/23

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*On 2/27/23, an orb was witnessed pushing a small cloud. It was sighted in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Cancun, between 6:30 & 8pm EST. If anyone has additional video please let us know.

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Latest UFO Sightings

2023-03-10 - Lowell, Massachusetts

2 black triangles above lowell boulevard hovering at 5:25pm. I was gonna video them, but most people don’t care. My parents said “HMMM, probably aliens!”. After coming out of market basket, they were gone.

2023-03-12 - Show low, Arizona

Extremely bright light. Brighter than anything in the sky. Round in shape and a circle within a circle. Iridescent color when zoomed in on. Spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Located in the White Mountains of Arizona. Was watched for approximately one hour and 10 minutes before disappearing to the West.

2023-03-13 - Apopka, Florida

At 8:39 pm I came out to my backyard to go stargazing, with a relatively decent set of Binoculars. I Live in Apopka Florida, and upon gazing I saw two things one after another. The first was a possibly a satellite of sorts because I saw a small faint dot that seemed to blend in with the stars if it wasn’t moving. I have seen these before, the fact that I have seen at least three-four in the last few weeks makes it seem that they could be common objects. BUT. Not to long after that, I ran into my house to let a friend know what I saw, and asked if she would like to look at Jupiter with me. She was taking too long and I stepped out a few moments before she did. And I was looking to see not much besides the stars. But as my friend joined we saw a white dot that was moving down an area I know planes don’t normally go, especially since there are planes going though this spot and through the same sky path every day. THIS one was not blinking, fully white. And of course because I had my Binoculars I looked at this thing with them. And saw just a white dot. And shockingly as I stared at this white dot moving in a straight line away from me, IT TURNED ORANGE. THEN RED. THEN DISAPPEARED. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. The shaky binoculars made it difficult to focus steadily but it was gone as it turned from white to red and faded. This just happened to me a few moments ago it’s still quite fresh in my mind. I am standing at the backyard was I write this. I am so in shock by how it seemed to be much closer than the immediate planes near by. And I don’t know what to make of it.

2014-09-13 - Greensboro, North Carolina

Sometime around maybe September 2014 me and my boss were staying in a rental house in the outskirts of Greensboro NC while we were out of town working. After work one evening me and my boss were sitting in the back yard talking when I noticed out of the corner of my eye these red spheres flying. When I say red it looks like the red glow you would see in a coal bed of a hot fire. There were 5 or 7 of them flying in an uneven V formation flying Parallel to the fence line on the property. It’s hard to tell how low they were but they seemed to be maybe the size of a small plane and flying lower than any plane I have ever seen except military planes. They continued flying in the same direction when I asked my boss at the time if he was seeing it too. He replied yes as we kept watching them fly by with no sound. After they got maybe three quarters of the way over the property and trees they started scattering, making very erratic sharp turns, angles and movements really drew your eye to it because i have never thought anything could move like they were never hitting one another or making any noise. Then as they were about to fly over the tree line at the back of the property they formed back into a V formation and flew out of sight keeping the same speed throughout if I remember right. My boss at the time told me not to say anything because he was afraid he might loose his contracts due to people thinking we were crazy. The next day I told some of our colleagues and my boss even acknowledged he saw something but that was it. I haven’t really told that many people till I started seeing pictures and videos on YouTube that were very similar or the same spheres we saw. I’m hoping that by writing this report I can gain some new knowledge of what we saw because I don’t know but one other person to talk to about all this.

2019-06-05 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

This is a bit late in reporting, but I just found this website. It was in the first week of June, 2019 when I let my dogs out into the backyard at around 3:30 in the morning to do their thing. While I waited I looked up into the black sky to observe the stars, which were quite bright and clear that night. It was dark and very still outside, oddly quiet with not even a tiny sound anywhere….usually I hear a car on the road or an owl in the distance or something, but it was completely silent that night. As I was gazing up at the sky looking for a meteor or anything, suddenly a large ROUND craft came gliding over my neighbors rooftop from the southwest heading northeast. It took me completely by surprise because it was just so silent and definitely not an airplane. There was absolutely no sound coming from it (airplanes make sound). It was round in shape and sort of thick or boxy. It was larger than our largest jets and was covered in hundreds of very dim lights - so dim that I may not have seen the craft at all if I had not been studying the sky so directly. It definitely would not be noticed on a partially cloudy day, it would blend into the clouds and sky. It glided by about as high up as an airplane would be coming in for a landing at the Tulsa Int. Airport from around 101st and Memorial, if you can picture the planes flying in from that distance to the airport. The quiet craft had no wings because like I said, it was round. I was able to watch it silently glide over me for about 7 or 8 seconds, before it disappeared behind large trees and buildings east of me. It was the strangest thing to see just out of the blue while standing out on the back patio in the middle of the peaceful night!! My first thought was, ‘that’s definitely a ufo.’ I wondered if NASA or the military or someone had created a new flight craft that they’re keeping secret, or if it came from another world! But now I wonder if it could have been a type of spy balloon from China or someplace. Drones make a whirring sound, but as huge as this craft was it was silent.

2023-02-23 - Parkton, Maryland

Approximately February 23, 2023, at approximately 1820-1840, while driving to my night shift job as a nurse, I saw a small (from my car to the sky, it seemed small), green triangle-ish shaped “plane” flying in the sky over Maryland. I was driving southbound on I 83 from my home in Pennsylvania to my job in Maryland. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. I thought maybe a comet, because it seemed to be falling downward, but then it simultaneously changed speed and direction, flying straight, almost upward, faster than any plane or jet I’ve ever seen and then it disappeared. A few years ago in Massachusetts, while visiting family, we saw a bright green comet that was very large and had a trail of green to white behind it and it was definitely falling. This, although about the same green color, did not act the same. And as I said, it wasn’t falling downward, but actually appeared to speed up in a slightly upward direction before disappearing. I looked this up online to see if anyone else reported anything similar in the area or anywhere. It was then that I saw the green comet was flying close enough to earth for us to be able to see it, but the dates were all wrong. The comet could be visualized the very beginning of February and this was the end of February. I even did a search for “where is the green comet now” and found no information. I am curious to know if there have been any similar sightings anywhere. The only thing I have found is something about a black triangle, but what I saw was definitely a bright color. I am sure it was a bright or lighter green. I am a nurse. I am fairly educated and reasonably sane. I hope. Please help! We’re my eyes deceiving me?!

2023-03-11 - Orlando, Florida

i was star gazing and i saw a strange triangle shaped thing with 4 large lines on it. it moved at a slowish pase and it was almost invisible it blended with the night sky and after a few seconds it dissapeard i wasnt even blinking i was in shock my eyes were on it the whole time and it just vanished.it made no noise

2023-03-12 - Manilla, Indiana

Was with a friend and my brothers when we saw this thing flying over a field.

2023-03-02 - Bainbridge, Ohio

I was looking at the 2 planets when something came over my house. I took two pictures. I don’t know what it is or was.

2023-03-08 - Otter lake, Michigan

Orb type of UFO' Or type a UFO's about 3 o'clock in the morning Coming out of the East And there's 5 of them Watch them for about 45 minutes And my wife even saw him on our monitor but I wasn't recording though.

2023-03-08 - Wilmington, North Carolina

Second time ive seen this. Driving south on hwy 17 just north of wilmington nc and far away in the SE sky i see a "contrail burst" all of a sudden a sharp change in the direction and i think im going to watch a crash, sudden direction change again OVER the contrail. Turned on a dime! (the people inside would be pudding) Then acceleration like nothing ive seen before away from its contrail and gone in a blink. I continue driving south watching the sky and a bright possibly silver sphere is there and gone. Same sighting 6 mos ago or so but no sphere. I pulled off the road 6 mos ago to watch it because i seriously couldnt believe what i was seeing and thought something was crashing. I have a still shot from the first event which im trying to locate. Whatever happened was well south of wilmington possibly over brunswick county, pretty high up. sorry its not more technical. "Damnit Jim, Im a gardener , not a rocket scientist" hope this is useful. 2) amber orb 2016 wilmington nc- following an aircraft, blinked out.

2023-03-08 - Waupun, Wisconsin

Three white lights slowly descended from the sky in a triangle formation. Just north of Waupun WI at about 2:25 am. The lights moved in unison as though they were part of a single craft. They descended far too slow to be meteorites. The lights did not blink like an aircraft. The disappeared as they approached the ground.

2023-03-07 - Avondale, Arizona

Two lights close together that moved far and near one another until they vanished. Reddish in color.

2019-08-15 - Stanley, Virginia

Me and my nephew (who is autistic and age 20 I believe at the time) was standing out in our families driveway around 11:30pm looking up at the sky; when I saw an egg/oval shaped turquoise blue light come up over my right shoulder in the sky, it was silent and didn't move like anything I've ever seen. It was to fast to be a plane, and the control in which it could stop and go was nothing I've ever seen. It went behind a tree. I was extremely excited and asked my nephew if he saw it which he replied "no". I thought it was gone for good when it came out from behind the tree and the light expanded the length of the right side of the tree in blue and the with the snap of your finger disappeared. Didn't fly off. My nephew did witness all that.

2023-03-07 - Greensboro, North Carolina

Several flying objects each with multiple lights. More than one has white lights as well as red.

2019-10-13 - Willsonvill, Oregon

Me and mom mom were driving home from work when we saw 3 blinding lights in the empty sky there was no clouds that day there was a light beam shining down from the 3 lights. We turn the car around for a better look an we saw it then it suddenly just vanished into nothing,

2023-03-07 - Salem, Oregon

At 5:06 AM I was at (44.9122578, -122.9610972) and was looking towards the west. There was cloud cover but I noticed some blue lights one cigar shaped, the other smaller lights were on either side of the larger one but not equidistant like a Division sign. After watching for 20-30 seconds the lights which had remained stationary slowly dimmed until they disappeared.

2023-03-06 - St david , Arizona

Around 6am I was driving down a dirt road and noticed a bright light in the sky just staying steady. After about 2 minutes the light gradually disappeared. There was no sounds that went with the object. I did take pictures of the source and you can see a light cloud around the object.

2023-02-27 - Cancun, Mexico

On 2/27/23, an orb was witnessed pushing a small cloud in Cancun, Mexico 7:53pm.

2023-03-06 - Shepherdsville, Kentucky

There was a round object that flew close to the ground and then there was a flash in the sky and the object was gone. The ufo looked as if it came out of a movie

2023-03-06 - North chesterfield, Virginia

White oblong (pill shaped) shaped object flying north of me. I didn’t think too much until my sister pointed out the weird movements of the balloon. Moments later fighter jets and drones flew over in the same direction. A red drone literally disappeared in the middle of the bright blue sky.

2023-03-01 - Wilderville, Oregon

I was taking pics of the two planets, which appear like two headlights on the right side of the telephone pole. Upon reviewing the photos I noticed the other object to the left of the telephone pole. I did not notice it while I was taking the photos.

2022-01-04 - Clovis, New Mexico

We recently moved to Clovis New Mexico December of 2021, we were going to a dumpster one afternoon and saw some train carts over a bridge, I took a picture and thought nothing of it, then later I looked back at the picture to see a black dot in the sky on the right of the picture, its almost like a upside down pyramid shape, just without the half of the pyramid, with a black long slab on the top and a shorter one on the bottom, it’s a strange shape but it definitely wasn’t a bug, or a plane, or any military aircraft, or even a drone, it’s came to my concern that it’s close to a UFO.

2022-08-31 - Port charlotte, Florida

port charlotte fl at about 10:30 p I was taking my dog for a walk before bead and in the western sky was large bright orange white object that let out 9 smaller objects that fill into formation it was spectacular to watch and then they went out of sight at a high rate of speed.

2023-03-05 - Apache junction, Arizona

I noticed a high speed light heading east to west at dusk I initially thought it was a shooting star. The light abruptly stopped and made erratic movements above the Superstition mountains. At this point I knew that it could not be an aircraft or helicopter due to the speed and type of movement. The light would randomly go on and off as it descend out of sight on the west slope of the Superstition mountains. The entire event lasted about 1-2 minutes.

2023-03-05 - Evansville, Indiana

Driving in my car, saw an object hovering above the tree line with a large spotlight on the lake in my subdivision. I assumed it was a private drone someone was playing with. As I drew closer, I could see that it was not a drone as it was too large. I thought it may be a helicopter but there was no noise. The object was to my right and the road is a sweeping curve to the left. As I rounded the curve, the object began to move in a south easterly direction, allowing full visibility. The object was shaped like a fidget spinner or Nerf boomerang. Three arms with large downward glowing lights almost as wide as the arm itself out at the ends. The shape of the arms could be described as rectangular, almost candy bar like. Smooth gray metal in appearance. I was so dumbfounded, it didn't even occur to me to grab my phone. The object accelerated on the southeast course and was gone in just a few seconds. I live near the airport, so I am familiar with all the normal flight paths. The direction this object took would mean about a 75 degree right bank to hit the main runway if at all possible from this approach.

2023-03-04 - Galveston island, Texas

I live on Galveston island, Tx. Most days I like to take a walk on the beach. Around 11:30 before noon, as I walked a few blocks west on the island, I turned to head back. Usually, I keep my head down looking for sea shells on the ground. I looked up facing east of the island. Gaido’s restaurant is on 39th St. and Seawall boulevard. As I stood on the beach at water’s edge and looked up;I saw a very large chrome object. It had a shape of “large pill, oval shaped and numerous round windows on its side”. It came out from over the Gaido’s roof, towards the beach and turned South. It was heading South along the coast until it disappeared in the foggy coast. I stood there in disbelief for a few minutes. Had to take my time to really recap what happened!

2023-03-06 - Ft myers , Florida

White orb turning red speeding east to west very fast. Maybe a meteor? Don't know.

2023-03-05 - Lake orion, Michigan

I was driving around 10:50 pm and saw what looked like a really tall street light. I was staring at it because eit just didn't look right, and there were both tall structures nearby that would have a light like that. Ad I got closer, a little red light (it almost looked like a shooting star but it was red) shot off to the side. I got even closer and noticed that it wasn't moving, and I could suddenly see a row of lights underneath one big, brighter one, in the formation of a flying saucer. At that point I had come to a roundabout, and sped around it. I turned onto a different road for about 10 seconds where I would 't have been able to see it, then I was able to turn and face it again and it was gone. I circled around and looked around the area where it had been above, but there was nothing there.

2023-03-05 - Akron, Ohio

Quick flash of light moving about 20 feet off of ground.

2023-02-21 - Apple valley, California

It looked like some hair clippers floating straight up and then it leveled out then took off very fast sounds like someone bowling there was a flash and it went into space because there was no where else to go there were not clouds to hide behind besides it was the size of a aircraft carrier.

2023-03-03 - Farmington, New Mexico

Last Friday evening at dusk my daughter and I saw 2 ufos. The stars was just coming out were you can just start to see a couple of them. They were one on top of the other. With the top one being very bright. I have seen them here in Farmington N.M. many times.

2023-03-05 - Springfield, Illinois

Circle object dimly reflecting city lights moving west-southwest in a straight line witnessed at 12:43 am. It made absolutely no sound, appeared to be around the size of a medium sized airplane, and moving much faster than the speed of normal commercial air traffic.

2023-03-02 - Tupperville , Canada

About 3:30pm Wallaceburg Ontario Canada.

2023-02-19 - Bellmawr, New Jersey

Small round silvery grey object floating in a straight line moving slowly and silently from west to east. The object just moved steadily straight. At first I thought it may be a bird but the object never turned and wings were not visible. Also, the object had no lights. I guess this object could have been a small balloon but the object moved in a straight line and did not move up or down and flew right into a cloud and was gone after that. This happened at about 5:15pm Eastern Time on February 19, 2023 and lasted for maybe 10 seconds from when I looked out of the upstairs window until it went into the cloud and disappeared. I was going to retrieve my phone but the object was so small by the time I would have moved my eyes off of the object to grab my phone and take footage of it I would not have been able to obtain any meaningful video or pictures of the object.

2023-03-01 - Cedartown, Georgia

Dusk: Two bright white spheres diagonally positioned larger and lower than stars to the west. Slightly pulsing but completely stationary. Watched for 3-5 mins went inside to get camera (maybe 45 seconds) returned and they were gone.

2023-03-02 - Butler , Pennsylvania

I live in a rural area. My friend was dropping me off from work. While going back home she noticed a few blue lights of an aircraft standing still in the night sky got out of the car to take video on her camera phone, was able to catch her undentified flying object hovering over the sky disappearing in and out of the clouds. went back in her car and she said the ufo object followed her home took out her phone again and captured the same object in the sky from her home have videos to prove it where she captured this unidentified flying object on the phone there is nothing out there except farmland.

2023-03-01 - Shamokin , Pennsylvania

2 white spots in air, not stars or planes.

2023-03-03 - Oklahoma city , Oklahoma

Came out the garage to the driveway. Looked up at a couple bright lights in western sky. One bigger than the other.

2016-06-07 - Louisburg, Missouri

I was riding with my mother and brother back from ball practice. We were heading north through a tiny town called Louisburg, MO. In the west end of town there is a cell phone tower, above the tower I saw 4 diamond shaped lights. They were stacked with three on the bottom one on top. The three lower lights faded off and only the tip one remained for a second longer until it too shut off. I immediately shouted out "I just saw a UFO"! To which my mother and brother gave me their uninterested "oh really huhs"? My mother dropped me off at my car that I had parked in town so we could continue the drive home. 10 minutes go by and we are driving through the countryside, I was leading the way home and my mother and brother were behind me. Once again the light came on but this time much lower and lower to the ground to where the size of what ever I saw was much much larger. Again the three lights faded and only one remained until it went out too. I picked up my phone, (I know I was driving but I mean come on) and called my boy friend at the time absolutely freaked out. Down the road the lights came on again. I hung up with my boyfriend and took a picture, but only of the one light that stayed on the longest. I was still driving north, so my picture isn't the moon or a star or a lamp from some ones yard as i was driving in the middle of no where. You can see it above the tree line. After I took the picture my brother called me yelling "MOM AND I SAW IT TOO! IT CAME ON OVER THE FEILD BESIDE US THEN SUDDENLY IT WAS INFRONT OF YOU!" To which I replied a few I told you so and I'm not crazy. As it passed in front of my I could tell it seemed like the lights on bottom were sorta rotating, in the classic UFO shape. I was driving 60 mph. So to see it a mile or so down the road a few seconds later I can't even guess how fast it was moving. My father is a very old fashioned man. Doesn't believe in anything other than the Christian faith. Discredit all three of us and made joked about it. We didn't expect him to believe it or even tried to convince him. He told us that his friend frequently sees the lights along the same road, to which my father also teased him about having lighting bugs on his windshield. I'm not sure on what date the next sighting happened but I remember feeling very smug about it. The person in my family who saw it next was my father. He was visiting my grandmother one evening. When four lights in the sky appeared over her house. He could describe in detail exactly the same thing the three of us could tell. He said he believe the three lights were like some sort of boosters that when the faded were doing just that. Boosting the craft in whatever direction. The lights were there and then gone. What I found to be the most scary about the whole experience was when I first saw the lights in town I was the only one in the car to see it. I pointed it out. Then for it to almost seem like it followed me. Followed me pretty close to home. Why did it come on in front of my car? Was it because I saw it? It was like an out of body experience. Like I was watching a movie. Like what I'm seeing shouldn't be happening. The closest military base is Fort Leonard Wood. If it was something front there why come over here. Something strange went on in Hickory County in the summer of 2916.

2023-03-02 - Homosassa, Florida

Seen 2 ufo to the west of my house.

2020-05-11 - St.marys, Georgia

I saw a large cigar shaped object flying slowly over the treeline. It made no sound had no wings or windows.

2023-03-01 - Stafford , Virginia

Pair of fixed lights in the sky. Not moving Just above Garrisonville Road at 7 p.m. Watched a commercial jet fly above the two bright fixed lights. Never saw anything sit so still and bright in the sky with no blinking lights.

2023-03-02 - Dickinson, North Dakota

I was driving with my step mom when we saw this weird this in the sky and it had two little things that were connected and we saw the was changing color and one of them completely went dark so it looked like it was moving and we kept watching and it kept getting further and closer then completely vanished.

2023-03-03 - Lincoln, California

Driving on California Highway-65 North Bound between Lincoln and Rocklin California at approximately 9:53am saw a ball shaped matte finished object approaching from east to west. Size : Around the size of a VW Golf (maybe smaller). Design resembled the mold of a storage trailer used at sea port. Beige in color. Will attempt to pull video from my car’s camera to see if it was captured.

2023-03-02 - Maricopa, Arizona

Around 8PM on 3/2/23 as I drove west on my street toward my house, I saw two bright lights spaced diagonally close together, seemed to be relatively close to the ground. They were perfectly still, no movement or sound whatsoever. Over open fields, pitch dark, clear night. Definitely NOT stars or aircraft. Wanted to stay outside to observe further, but had to take care of something inside my house. I went back out about 20 minutes later. They were gone.

2023-03-03 - Clarksville , Tennessee

I was looking at the weather radar on my phone and I noticed something that didn’t look like clouds. I screenshot multiple pictures to show what I saw.

2018-08-21 - Ape caves, Washington

My wife and I were camping on My St Helens and witnessed an orb dashing back and forth in the sky. We observed this for about 15 minutes and then suddenly it shot straight up out of sight.

2023-03-01 - Max meadows, Virginia

Very long cigar shaped object with lights on both ends. Observed through binoculars. Military aircraft flew towards it when it got dark, and when they neared it, the lights turned off. After the military aircraft left, they returned in a slightly different location. Many people saw it, and there was another object identical in the next town over. Roanoke ATC was notified and had radar contact for a few moments before the object disappeared.

2023-02-14 - Saugerties/woodstock, New York

About 5:40 PM my 11-year-old son and I were driving on route 212 from Saugerties New York, to Woodstock, New York. It was twilight. Roughly halfway there, I saw something in the sky in front of me (south/southwest). It was in the distance. It was a perfectly straight column of opaque white smoke or vapor, with darker gray at the bottom. It looked perpendicular to the ground. To both my son and me, it looked like something was falling straight downward. It did not seem to be falling fast. We were able to see it for a couple of minutes before the road made a turn, and I lost sight of it. Neither of us saw it again, although we did see the empty sky where it should’ve been. A bright star or planet appeared there. My son and I were both very struck by how strange it was, and how unlike anything we had seen before. When I got home, I posted a description of the experience on Facebook. A friend who lives in the area mentioned that she had also seen it while driving and it looked the same to her.

2023-03-02 - Great bend, Kansas

Standing in my back yard looking west I saw 4-5 dim amber lights in a uniform diagonal line moving from the north to the south really fast, about halfway across the sky the bottom two to three lights started to change formation then it was out of sight, it took 5 seconds or less to go all the way across the sky. This happened at about 8:19. Also was only about the size of one joint of my finger with my arm extended.

2023-01-15 - Volcanoes national park , Hawaii

We were hiking the trail around the volcano on island of Hawaii. We saw a triangle shaped object standing still over us by the time we got the phone up to take photos it shot up then we got photos it was far off and when we zoomed on the picture’s it was unexplained then took off to the ocean. How do I add pictures?

2023-03-02 - Wake forest, North Carolina

What myself and another family member witnessed to be an F18, l possible next gen fighter, I would 100 percent define it as identified armed military fighter jet twin jet engine with two blue wing lights and this guys deck might have been 20 feet above heavily new peaceful quiet neighborhood in wake Forest North Carolina. First fly by was around 05:00 and a second fly by around 9 pm. Because sky was so clear and no light pollution I got a clear perfect glimps of this and immediate light ascend after passing northeast property lines of subdivision. The vibrations and volume of these experiences shook the foundation of a newly built 10 unit stretch of town homes. This made me Hope one thing … I hope it is us ?? land of the free home of the brave.

2023-03-02 - Dickinson, North Dakota

I was driving with my step mom when we saw this weird this in the sky and it had two little things that were connected and we saw the was changing color and one of them completely went dark so it looked like it was moving and we kept watching and it kept getting further and closer then completely vanished.

2023-03-02 - Odesssn, Texas

Large craft flying west over odessa texas with smaller craft just below.

2023-03-02 - Vero bch, Florida

Two lights floating above horizon to west of vero bch, fl. Not a plane. Not helicopters. The lights fade in and out. Kinda moving but staying in same area.

2023-03-02 - Fryeburg, Maine

Two bright lights moving towards eachother, disappearing then reappearing. Event lasted a while. The lights were color changing. There appeared to be a third “light” for 2 seconds before disappearing.

2023-03-02 - New bedford, Massachusetts

Two bright lights diagonal from each other moving in sync.

2014-08-01 - Fort riley, Kansas

While working on duty as a Military Police Officer, I noticed a triangle shaped UFO flying over the Fort Riley Training Area. While working as a Military Police Officer on night patrol. I was driving my patrol car east on McCormick Blvd heading to historical main post in Fort Riley, Kansas. As I was driving by the baseball fields on my left hand side, I could see a big, triangle object in the sky. I was driving at speeds of approximately 25mph and noticed no clouds in the sky throughout the night. The stars were very bright and easy to see even inside the vehicle. This triangle shape craft was approximately 1/3 mile wide, by 3/4 miles long in size. The craft was heading North East in direction while I was heading straight east. I pulled over in the McCormick Park parking lot where I got out of the patrol vehicle and saw the back half of the craft flying very slowly over the hills just to the North of the park. I went to call up to the dispatch office of any aircraft training tonight. I quickly regressed due to possible ridicule from other officers. I drove to the air field just out! side of historical main post to see if any training flights were being conducted. The entire airfield was closed with no activity of aircraft missions being conducted. I have only told my wife and my father this story. Since I am now out of the Army, I figured now is the time to say something. This object couldn't have been human made. It was completely dark with no visible lights. I could see the shape and movement based on the craft blocking out the stars. I'm still not sure what I saw. But to this day I'm terrified of its size and how low it was to the ground. No noise was recognized from the craft during this incident.

2023-03-01 - China grove, North Carolina

My name is Dana Morton. I live in China Grove NC . On Monday night at around 8pm I saw 2 large bright lights side by side looking to be tree top level very bright I looked at them for about 15 minutes they were very clear toward the western sky as I WATCHED A thin fog started to cover both lights when at the same time they both went completely dark and were no longer visible and there was no longer any fog. I thought could it have been two satellites until they both disappeared. I made this observation because of the fact I have never seen anything like that. I consider this event in my mind something unidentifiable. I am 68 years old and consider this event seriously.

2023-03-01 - Pomona, California

7-9pm I view a strangle set of lights on the sky not moving not blinking To far apart to be a airplane One smaller than other people don't pay Attention to these thing or if they do Is excused as a person as being high.

2023-03-01 - Coosbay, Oregon

At apx 7pm looked up to see two lights locked into position not moving or making any sound. Took a photo of them. Never saw the like before in the vicinity.

2023-03-02 - Waldron, Missouri

Extremely bizarre and unusual markings in field of Falcon Skydiving. Unnatural. Appears symbolic. Unlike anything I've seen before.

2023-03-02 - Kansas city, Missouri

I was flying into Kansas City this morning and saw this random massive marking in this field that kinda creeped me out. Its crazy big and I could only see it for a few moments but felt like it definitely was something worth mentioning, with all the UFO mentions going on - especially in Kansas City.

2023-03-01 - Iola, Kansas

Last night I walked from my house to Dollar General and seen two weird lights above a restaurant just hovering when I moved to the right they moved to their right. I went inside of the store, then came back out and it was directly across from my house for about 20 minutes came back into the house to get my binoculars. They were still there went back in my house to get stronger pair of binoculars and came back and they were gone.

2023-02-28 - Hawthorne, Florida

Appears to look like headlights off in night sky about 8 pm on 02/28/23 they were pulsating at times and at times just looked like bright white headlights they lowered down to treeline before they disappeared in my pictures and videos no noise from them.were definitely not planets or stars or anything else..I see a lot of stuff from here as I love the night skies I'm always looking at them.stars .. planets and think I know what normal aircraft look like at night as bases and airports are not far away...this was NOT a normal aircraft either I'm sorry I think when I just remarked in your page I said wrong date and also when message you on IM I forgot yesterday was the first so I may have said 02)28/23 but was definitely last night!!

2023-03-01 - Jackson, Mississippi

Between 8&10pm looking up at night sky from balcony of motel I see two lights side by side Slowly descending.Disappearing behind a cloud the lights re-emerged & continued to descend.It them became evident to me that the lights were coming straight down above me. There was no sound to the movement of the lights. The lights stopped stationary in the sky above me about 30 to 50 yards above tree line. It was at this time I realized that the two lights were at opposite ends of a craft (phenomenon) which between the lights was Invisible.It stayed stationary & so I went inside after staring at the event before me for about Forty five minutes. I alerted two neighbors outside who also looked up & saw the lights.Upon coming back outside after forty minutes it remained posted in the sky on the back side of motel. Don't know when it left. I slept & this morn it's gone. Don't know when it left.

2023-03-01 - Longview, Texas

I was on my way to work at 6:20 AM. I pulled up to the stop sign and noticed what seemed to be just a super bright blue star. I was just staring at it because of how blue it was and then it shot across the sky at an amazing speed. It was almost gliding across. But it was so far away that the speed it was going had to be incredibly fast. Just the way it went from sitting still to flying across the sky makes no sense to me.

2023-03-01 - Cole camp, Missouri

Friend's dad was taking us back to town on backroads near Sedalia to a small town called Colecamp. As we reached the end of highway friend's dad pointed out the lights said it looked weird and we thought it was a tower far away. But when we got closer saw there was 4 lights evenly spread to seem to have two lights closer to us and two evenly spread out from the closer two,if light placing was traced would make a square all small and same size lights. It was light enough to see the body of the object but to dark to exact color Object was completely stationary and we couldn't hear anything strange. We all three have videos and pictures of the object. We had sight of it for about 10 minutes or so but had places to be and left.

2023-03-01 - Oklahoma city, Oklahoma

Same as last nights Report #1351. Tonight we saw the exact same...roughly the same Latitude but about 25 miles South of last night in OKC. Photos and video, but files too large to attach. I can send a Dropbox link. There are so many of the same exact reports scross the country.

2023-03-01 - Bristol, Virginia

Double bright lights in the sky in Bristol, Va. approximately around 7pm. Big, bright lights. Lights then appeared to be 4 instead of 2. Then they all shot off across the night sky extremely fast. Much faster than aircraft or military craft could travel. They disappeared. Also, the night before on 2/28/23 witnessed similar lights in Bristol, Tn. Bristol is a small city which shares both states of VA and TN. I have two photos.

2023-03-01 - New lenox , Illinois

2 bright lights next to each other in west sky Appear to be similar as reports of 2/26, 2/28!23

2023-03-01 - Lake orion, Michigan

Two bright lights hanging in sky, not moving. Over 100 ft in length.

2023-03-01 - Homer, New York

There are two lights hovering in the sky across from my house no noise and a triangle shape.

2023-03-01 - Battle creek, Michigan

2 stable floating lights 2 lights moving along perfectly spaced then stop and hover 45min without moving blinking keep exactly same spacing.

- Ft lauderdale, Florida

2 bright lights stationary on 12 th St Ft Lauderdale FL. Between Bayview and Seminole

2023-03-01 - Colchester , Connecticut

Colchester ct. I was driving on route 2 by exit 21. I noticed some lights that at first looked like an airplane. However, as I was driving closer to the object I noticed it was just hovering there. The ufo looked triangular and had blueish lights in the middle (4 or 5 maybe) and one red light on each side. I know for a fact it wasn’t a plane because my parents lived under a busy flight path for years and I would watch planes go by in the night sky all the time. Someone a few cars in front of me was slowing down to look at it too, so I definitely was not the only one to see it. I was definitely rattled after witnessing this thing. And of course I didn’t think to take a picture, I was just too confused and focused looking at this triangle in the sky.

2023-02-26 - Limestone, Maine

A bright light from an object emitting its own light, traveling through the sky towards the ground and a flash. Ring doorbell and other cameras caught the event.

2023-03-01 - Depew, New York

2 light higher than planes and not moving

2023-03-01 - Cross junction, Virginia

It is 6:50pm EST, I've been watching 2 very bright, stationary lights in the northwest sky above Cross Junction, VA for the last 40 minutes. First visible before 6pm, well before sunset and any any stars. The lights appear relatively close, one is clearly brighter and larger that the other. At 6:45pm, no other stars are visible like these 2 stationary lights, which appear to be on slightly higher in altitude to commercial airline traffic. Very interesting and bright. D Patterson Cross Junction, VA

2023-03-01 - Holiday, Florida

Around 6:13pm saw a small plane flying by in the distance over the Gulf of Mexico. at the time of sighting I was about 1 1/2 miles from the Gulf a round object appeared as plane was passing by and it caught my attention at first I thought I was a incoming plane but soon afterwards another object appeared very close to the first object about 30 seconds later a third round object appeared about 200 feet below the first two. I would say these objects were about 4,000 feet up. Me and my 10 year old son watch the objects for about 4 minutes before they disappeared. Tried to take video but they were to for away for my cell phone.

2022-11-29 - Napa, California

It was about 1:15 in the middle of the afternoon, total clear blue sky, no clouds. I was on the playground with my kid and happened to look up into the sky and almost right above us in very close proximity (closer than any aircraft would be able to fly) was a large, silent, really shiny, metallic short bullet-shaped object that was moving really slow, almost still. Then I heard my kid’s name called by someone and I glanced down at my kid playing and when I looked back up a second later, it was gone. There wasn’t anything in the sky as far as I could see with my eyes.

2023-03-01 - Santee, California

I was going to take some pictures of the clouds at school and I think I captured something, I would’ve guessed a camera glare but it moved and the up close shot is questionable.

2023-03-01 - Malvern , Pennsylvania

I was in school, and all of us look outside the window and we see a black object flying around slightly over the trees. We are unaware where it is now but it looks like it had some sort of white tail in the back. It also looked slightly triangular.

- Middletown , Ohio

It was yesterday evening I noticed two bright lights to the northwest of the sky, thought it was a really bright star or could have been a planet but then all my neighbors came out we all started looking at it and I noticed it was a triangle formation with three different lights and it was a blinking red light on the bottom of it and I wake up this morning in the news are trying to say that and it shows the picture of the object I'm speaking of that it was planets Jupiter and Saturn I believe or something like that that was seen but as far as I know planets don't blink red and they don't look like triangle formations and I have other eyewitnesses saying they watched it go from a to b and split of a second and then just disappear playing it's do not do this.

2023-02-02 - Hesperia, California

Golden orb we have videos.

2023-02-28 - Fall city, Washington

2 round shape lights hovering in sky near Snoqualmie/Fall city area at about 6:30 pm they were too big for stars and airplanes, took pictures but not any movement from their position.

2023-02-25 - Nazareth, Pennsylvania

I noticed 2 bright lights in the sky. I watched for over 10 minutes to make sure they weren’t airplanes. Much brighter than stars in the sky. They were in a horizontal line from each other. I checked the sky for a few days after and nothing in the same spot or anything that looked similar. Last night 2/28/23 I noticed same 2 lights again on my way to work. I have travel the same road for over 7 years and have never seen them before. Not sure what they are but I pay attention to the skies every night and these lights stuck out and seemed very odd.

2023-02-28 - London, Ohio

As I was leaving my sister's house in Urbana Ohio to head home to London Ohio, two very bright lights were in the sky. Appeared to be stars but brighter than any star I have seen. They did not move location as I drove 39 miles home. I took a picture at start of drive and also when I got home to show I could still see them. I have a hard time believing they are stars. All the other stars in the sky were dim in comparison.

2023-02-28 - Delray beach, Florida

6:30pm SW sky in Delray Beach FL. Looking at planets Venus and Jupiter? Didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Took a pix and immediately noticed extra object in the pix. Took several more pix, the objects increased from 1 to r and moved position within the pix. These were not visible with the naked eye (I do have cataracts). I have pix of needed.

2023-03-01 - Tompkinsville ky, Kentucky

Tompkinsville KY in the western sky at approximately 3:30 A.M. two very bright star like objects that did not twinkle where spotted hovering at a viewing angle of about 35 degrees. I went indoors to get a camera and when I returned outside they were gone, Total viewing time about 3 minutes.

2023-02-28 - Weddington , North Carolina

Two ufos hovering next to each other!

2023-02-28 - Momence, Illinois

Two large bright objects just hovering in the same location for at least an hour while I drove home. They were not airplanes. When I checked back about 15 minutes after being home, they had completely disappeared.

2023-02-28 - Fairfax, Virginia

2 strong lights over the northern Virginia area, orange in color and round. Watched for over 40 minutes and no movement at all.

2023-02-28 - Limestone , Tennessee

Large white light with a smaller light traveling at a higher altitude traveling northeast over Limestone TN area. Was visible for 20 mins then disappeared. Photo shows the larger light to be rectangular in shape

2023-02-28 - Crescent, Oklahoma

Tonight at 7pm CST in Crescent, OK. Two very bright lights closely spaced just sitting in the sky, relatively low lying (not nearly high enough to be stars)...not moving. Still there as of 8pm. I watch the skies nightly and these are NOT normal and not stars. I have video from my phone...

2023-02-28 - Silver lake, Indiana

2 ufo in the sky moving north approximately over Mentone IN. Can be seen west of silver lake not moving very fast unable to zoom in to identify been in the sky obviously moving very very slow north ward spotted 8pm est still in the area at 84pm and looks to be beyond that time frame no flashing lights just 2 solid white lights.

2023-02-28 - Delaware, Ohio

I am a student at Ohio Wesleyan University. At around 8:00PM EST. Night is clear, not a single cloud. Was walking to the university dining hall and decided to stop and look up at the night since Ohio rarely has clear nights like this. Watching the lights of three 737s in the distance and I see the silhouette of a dark triangle pass over me, above the residential halls and going east. Solid black shape with three white-yellow lights at each tip of the triangle. Not zooming but still moving at a fairly high speed. No sense of scale but it seemed fairly large and didn’t seem to pass super high over the buildings. Made absolutely no noise.

- Canton, Ohio

I’ve lake cable in Jackson twnshp OH. On 2/28/2023 two bright lights were over the lake. I watched as I pulled into my drive and they began to move in tandem fast and strange. They were stationary at first and then started blitzing around. I pulled my phone out and the lights stopped. I recorded 5 minutes of it trying to slowly sonk behind trees. No noise not a plane and very fast.

2023-02-28 - Nashville, Tennessee

Two objects, three vertical lights each hovering in the northwest sky from 7:15 pm.

2023-02-28 - Afton, Michigan

Driving down rd c 2 lights moving along perfectly spaced then stop and hover 45min without moving blinking keep exactly same spacing.

2023-02-27 - St. petersburg, Florida

ufo like object moving across the sky, was not a helicopter because it did not have the usual lights, it was more like a white ball with a cloud surrounding it. It had no sound. Have pictures.

2023-02-28 - Weddington, North Carolina

Two ufos hovering next to each other!

2023-02-25 - Mt. summit, Indiana

My husband and I were outside around 8:00 pm looking at the two planets, something very large appeard moved East in the sky at a very high rate of speed with a very bright white light then was gone within 4 seconds. We checked our time is was 8:05 pm. There was no sound from the object. There was a plane heading West towards the object that should have seen the large object and the very bright sold white light. I asked a neighbor if they seen anything and they were not outside and did not.

2023-02-27 - Tichnor, Arkansas

My son yelled for me to come outside, it was around 7:20pm. He pointed into the sky and i noticed we were looking at something that was not an airplane, drone or helicopter. This object had a big circle all around it with a light glow, we heard no sound as it just floated above our house for about 5 min then a bright light came from it and then it left, within seconds it was gone.

- Plainfield, Connecticut

Running out to play one summer day (1952ish) I was abruptly grabbed by my father who asked me "Do you see those" as he pointed to the sky. Being only 6+ years old I asked him what they were. He did not know. What we saw were a ring of round shaped objects that we knew was not a plane or a helicopter or anything else we were aware of that would be in the sky. They were in a circular pattern with one of the round objects in the center. As a 6-year-old they appeared to me to be the color and size of a dime. How I wished I had watched them until they vanished or flew off. But, off I ran to play.

2023-02-22 - Kingsport, Tennessee

Me an my wife were walking our dog in Netherland inn park we seen a starlike pulsating lite hovering then it speeds off to the East heading straight towards an airplane that was flying by it almost collided with the plane then as it crosses over the plane seems to like zap the plane with a flash of light. Then it changes direction starts heading NE then N but it slowly fades or disappears completely then 5 seconds later reappears an flys for a distance then disappears for good! It was incredible I have video as well me an my wife were shocked there was no noise it pulsates a few times or seems to brighten and dim. And slowing the video down the object behind the light seems to change shape or morph but that’s just my opinion of the video an what we saw that night.

2023-02-25 - Cincinnati , Ohio

Kids saw 3 orbs I saw two.. with binos. 2 holographic/plasma orbs stationary @ approximately 30k feet? They then slowly moved toward each other did a maneuver and went about a mile before disappearing. A strange light low cloud cover/Vale was present during the sighting and then was gone as well. I witnessed a very high plane seconds later so I know we didn't see a common aircraft.

2023-02-26 - Roseburg, green district, Oregon

Saw 3 object flying in formation with a long streamer dangling below each one. By the time I got my phone only one was visible. Thought it may be a balloon or helicopter until I saw it instantly do a pinpoint vectored 45degree turn changing it’s heading from north to northeast. They appeared to be somewhere east of I-5 and when I first spotted them they were directly east of Green so southeast of Roseburg Oregon. They were going slow enough that the hanging streamer was swaying forward and backward in relation to its travel instead of streaming behind. Wasn’t able to take video but got one good picture. Sighting was 4:22pm on 2/26/2023.

2023-02-28 - Hays, Kansas

At approximately 8:15 a white object appeared a little east of our property (346 210th Ave Hays Ks) floating west. It appeared to be elongated not like a balloon and I estimated it was between one to two miles in altitude.

1995-02-27 - Palm city, Florida

Date is approximate. My wife and I were sitting in the backyard on a moonless night. We both noticed a dark object moving North to South. It was hard to make out its shape as there were no lights. It would block out clouds and the star field. What caught my attention was the scattered clouds were moving from the SE to the NW and the slow moving object stood out against that motion. Seemed very low as the clouds were probably around 2000’. To this day it still gives us chills and those few moments are seared into my memory. Didn’t tell anyone because I don’t think anyone would believe us. Whatever it was it was there.

2023-02-26 - Dunnellon, Florida

Orange ball of light hovered still above the tree line, then shot off quickly to the side, then disappeared as if flying the other direction extremely fast. View in rural planes flying at that height to our perspective we’re smaller, and with a pulsing light appearance, and most importantly a steady speed. The ball of light visibly slowed down and sped up while moving very quickly to the side. It was not like any drone, helicopter, plane, balloon, blimp, jet, ir anything I’ve ever seen and I lived five blocks from an air force base for 10 years.

1991-03-27 - Springstead , Wisconsin

I was around 12 yrs old at the time. We were ice fishing the Flambeau Flowage WI around 1:30 pm. My uncles and I were inside the house when it sounded like a plane crashed in the woods by the house. We ran outside and saw 3 Oval Silver objects in a v shape quietly moving through the sky until we couldn’t see them anymore. The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

2023-02-27 - Louisville, Colorado

~7:30pm while star gazing and on a dog walk I viewed an amorphous cluster of lights appearing like group of balloons but illuminated. It was hard to judge distance but at least as high as low flying aircraft and as such moved across the sky and was out of view. No sound. I assumed it was Starlink but upon researching I discovered Starlink to be in a line not a swarm or cluster. I can’t find any similar sightings online.

2023-02-27 - Houston, Texas

Houston Texas 653PM CST around SW area/Westbury. Right at dusk walking with my kid, look up and see what looked like a metallic balloon (not completely round) with a cloud moving with it like it was directing a cloud with zero sound. Gentle west breeze but object moving south to southeast 30-40mph. I think it was up about 1000 ft, and roughly a bus in size not including the round cloud the same size. There was a light emitting from it into the cloud. I was fumbing around with my phone to switch it to 4K 60fps but didn't set it right. Still got a decent video but would have been better if I had it rolling when it was right overhead. First time I've seen something in my life that would be considered a UFO. I also went to the flight tracker logs to see if any registered craft flew over and nothing.

2023-02-27 - Blanchard , Louisiana

My daughter and myself were taking a walk around 7:00pm (already dark) when my 7 year old asked why there was two moons tonight. I looked up in front of her in the sky was a white blob with a light close to it. I watched it to see if the light was blinking and it was not as an airplane light would blink. The white blob and light were moving together South East of Blanchard Louisiana close to where Barksdale Air Force base is located. The blob and light were always the same distance apart. My best guest of a description would be a white ballon with cords or rope attached to the light. They were horizontal of each other as if the light was driving the ballon object. There was also no sound. Clear visibility with no clouds.

2023-02-27 - Cooper city , Florida

7:40 pm over Cooper City- glowing white object gliding in sky expressing bright light- like a flash light. Then disappeared.

2023-02-27 - Playa del carmen, Mexico

We were walking and saw a floating moving object with a bluish white light around it, and what appeared to be a small cloud in front of it. There were no clouds In the sky. This cloud moved with the object, staying a fixed distance in front of it the entire time. The object made no sound. I have a video and photos. The object then disappeared over the ocean.

2023-02-27 - Ft. worth, Texas

2 oddly spaced objects in sky nor resembling stars and are closer with colors happened in fort worth Texas. Airplanes are hovering or circling an object possibly with red lights.

2023-02-27 - Homestead, Florida

Flying object foggy with 2 lights (one as if it was a spotlight for the sky). The object moved from side to side and forward. Changing speeds and moving at different paces. It moved forward and slowly disappeared.It was in my view for about 5 minutes. Myself and 3 other strangers that were outside all saw it, and We all agreed it was not a normal aircraft and seemed very suspicious. Something none of us ever seen before.

2023-02-27 - Okeechobee, Florida

Bright oval light following a cloud well enough ahead of it they weren't moving fast my girl friend saw it came to get me I watched it could not get photos very strange don't know what it was it was west of Buckhead ridge Florida flying south at about 755 pm for the maybe 3minutes that I saw it I hope it wasn't another one of those balloons it was plenty bright I wonder Did anyone else see the odd object.

2023-02-27 - Sarasota, Florida

We saw a ufo like object moving across the sky, was not a helicopter because it did not have the usual lights, it was more like a white ball with a cloud surrounding it. It had no sound.

2023-02-27 - Pittsboro, Mississippi

Just saw a ball of light, had to be several miles away. I thought it was a plane but it moved in ways planes don’t move. I walked inside to tell my husband to come see what was out there, but it was gone by the time we got back outside. This was at 6:50PM in the Lloyd community in Calhoun county, MS.

2023-02-27 - Fayetteville , Arkansas

Afternoon around 2. Clear Blue sky and conditions, no clouds. White and black cylindrical object moving close to the moon. I thought it was an aircraft at first but it was too high up, and made no sound. It disappeared suddenly, it didn’t look it was moving that fast. Then it reappeared in the sky again and disappeared suddenly again. I thought it was the Space X launch but they haven’t taken off yet.

2022-09-14 - Pembroke, Massachusetts

I was sitting in my back yard talking on my cell phone to a friend when My attention was drawn to the tree line about 1/4 OF A MILE away I thought it was a boned fire thing it must be a group of teenagers partying. Then this glow started to rise. It rose above the trees and up to about 300 feet. It started heading my way.it was a saucer shape with it looked like flames surrounding the entire bottom of this flying object. So once I realized that this could be something like a UFO I started babbling to my friend saying OMG you should be here something weird is going on, I'm looking at a flying saucer, my brother said video tape it and it's getting to be about 50 feet in front of me 300+ feet up...so I'm such a friggin idiot I could get it onto video, now it's directly over head so I just snapped a few pictures ? just so everyone didn't think I was nuts. So I got few shots but after it passed over head it stopped for say 5 seconds then streaked out of sight in a flash. God I wish I was calmer and got video of it because it was incredible! Ever ever seen anything like this. I still go out on clear nights looking for another chance at seeing this and this time video tape it.

2023-02-25 - Colorado springs, Colorado

Early evening saw massive glowing oval shaped light moving north low to mtn top. Went to grab my phone camera and it disappeared in the few secs it took to get phone. Knew it wasnt plane, no blinking lights. Was a huge oval shaped mass of brilliant light.

2022-11-29 - Napa, California

It was about 1:15 in the middle of the afternoon, total clear blue sky, no clouds. I was on the playground with my kid and happened to look up into the sky and almost right above us in very close proximity (closer than any aircraft would be able to fly) was a large, silent, really shiny, metallic short bullet-shaped object that was moving really slow, almost still. Then I heard my kid’s name called by someone and I glanced down at my kid playing and when I looked back up a second later, it was gone. There wasn’t anything in the sky as far as I could see with my eyes.

2023-02-26 - Irving, New York

Two large balls of eminating light. When letting the dog out I seen 2 large lights behind the trees almost like planets but as large as looking at a street light . I went down to the lake after letting the dog in and the objects were gone with only a clear sky remaining.

2023-02-02 - Bridgeport , Connecticut

I was walking out of the Bridgeport wonderland ice rink around 9 pm est when I saw two spherical balls of light seemingly coming closer. At first I thought they were airplanes but as they got closer I could tell that they were almost spherical shiny moving objects, and they were moving quite fast and high up in the atmosphere, likely the stratosphere. I have a single image. They were from what I could see dark grey, shiny, and had unnatural and/or manipulated directional control.

2023-02-26 - Suffield, Ohio

My husband and I both saw a stationary object in the sky, like a boomerang. I saw a boomerangs and he suspects a boomerangs. He saw it during the daylight and described it like a Lego structure, I saw it after at dusk, it looked like the Batman symbol. It was right above a tree and did not move. My husband saw it over a field, I suspect that it didn’t move, I was just looking at a different angle about 5 minutes later. We were driving down the road when he saw it (almost went off if the road). I saw it later when were in a parking lot of a store. The cashier in the store confirmed that she had her brother saw the same thing around 5:30 today. My husband and I saw it between 6:45-7:15p.

2023-02-26 - Lompoc , California

Saw multiple crafts shooting down from space into Vandenberg AFB from space one after another.

2023-02-26 - Lombard ill, Illinois

2 objects that are not planes or helicopters appearing in same spot in the sky every night i took pictures with my phone when enlarged they look eerie.

2023-02-26 - Livonia , Michigan

My wife and I saw 3 bright lights in a straight line flying near our home in the Detroit suburbs. They were very bright and symmetrical in distance. I videoed the phenomena and took pictures as well. We believe that these are UAPs.

2023-02-26 - Nashville, Georgia

I seen one solid white light moving across the sky from West to East much slower than a comment and an asteroid, but about as fast as the International space Station, so I didn't think nothing much about it . About 5 minutes later there was another solid white light that followed a similar path, so I thought to myself, this is weird, and as I was on the phone my friend, I let him know what was going on, and about the time I was telling him about the second one, a third one showed up going from north to south. That is when I got off the phone to make this report. All lights were outside the Earth's atmosphere but you could tell that they were inside our orbit.

2023-02-25 - Mead, Colorado

1:20am in Mead, Colorado.- White flashing orb moving across the sky - not a satellite, not an airplane. I got a good video - speaks for itself.

2023-02-25 - Punta gorda, Florida

It was dusk and I was looking west. A dark object, black, was flying at a high rate of speed about 15000 feet approximately. It was ball or hexagon shaped and had a silver tail behind it possibly from propulsion. The object went directly over my head then disappeared. The sky was totally clear and it vanished into thin air. It was moving about double the speed of a commercial jet. I live next to an airport so i have a frame of reference. It had no lights or sound. Gave me the chills. I cant stop thinking about it.

2021-08-20 - Iron river, Michigan

Was camping at the block house camp ground in upper Michigan when I woke up Saturday morning around 630am on the 21st and heard what to me sounded like a humming noise coming from up stream on the paint River. I could hear it coming closer and was confused as to what it was because the river gets wide and shallow and I knew a outboard motor would not be able to operate in the shallow water that was at most a couple feet deep. When standing on the bank listening to the sound get closer a ball of light maybe 15ft in diameter at most was following the path of the river just above the hight of trees but directly in the middle of the river. The ball of light was like nothing I have ever seen it wasn't like a light I have ever seen it was glowing and looked as if the ball was solid but emitting light that was yellowish green and seemed to look like light that was fog in a sense. As it passed over me I could tell the humming was coming from the glowing ball of fog light that passed over and continued directly in the middle of the stream and followed the path of the paint river. I had been up for well over a half hour and was completely sober. This is something that I have never seen anything similar to the light this emitted. It was as if the light emitted was like a fog emitting for it but was bright and clearly soild but couldn't define anything because the light was so bright it obscured what was under the light. It looked to be intentionally following the river as it was directly in the middle and following the bends. The humming is something I have never heard before like a muffled outboard just above a idol.

2023-02-26 - Newport, Pennsylvania

Can’t put into words the sounds and sightings I’ve now encountered / witness 4-5 times. I live along the juniata river, across is game lands and train tracks. Both sides are very steep and not easy to acesss. I’ve explored it since i could walk, now later in life I’m truly putting together a consistent list of what i now believe is a portal / passage way in the very steep mountain of these game lands. From Watching a train go by while I’m cat fishing to suddenly in seconds just disappears with only a beam of bright light go directly up and complete silence. The noise of the trains I don’t mind but when i fish i usually am not near my poles so i use Bells to hear if i have a bite. So when this train goes by it’s louder then usually, and annoyed me. And all the sudden the normal 3-5 minute pass by ends at the VERY certain spot that I’ve seen a glowing green light appear. But before that light appeared back in 2020, seconds before it you could hear Trees coming down or something crashing / separating. And bam glowing green light comes out of the side of the mountain. I don’t know what happened, but when i looked at my phone nearly 3 hours passed by when to me i should of only been a couple minutes. And I’ve seen other stuff but I’ve justified them as maybe other humans or kids were causing those. And this is only the start of some stuff i keep seeing without even looking for it. I’m just a River rat who lives to fish and hunt in my back yard.

2023-02-25 - Thornton, Colorado

8:45 PM was in my backyard hotub looking at the stars and my Wife and I both witnessed a black triangle shape flying object. To be honest it looked triangle shape with a little more sleekness. It was moving SE to NW at 3x the speed of a commercial aircraft with NO SOUND and very little if any lights. No flashing lights at all. No sign of propulsion no engine afterburner or anything. If I wasn’t looking up would have not even known.

2022-11-29 - Napa, California

It was about 1:15 in the middle of the afternoon, total clear blue sky, no clouds. I was on the playground with my kid and happened to look up into the sky and almost right above us in very close proximity (closer than any aircraft would be able to fly) was a large, silent, really shiny, metallic short bullet-shaped object that was moving really slow, almost still. Then I heard my kid’s name called by someone and I glanced down at my kid playing and when I looked back up a second later, it was gone. There wasn’t anything in the sky as far as I could see with my eyes.

2023-02-24 - Sugar grove, Ohio

On 33 sitting at a pit stop and noticed what appeared to be a star shimmering or glowing. Said star was actually moving erratically in the distance in no discernable pattern. The time is around midnight to 1. Three witnesses including myself sat and watched the ufo/uap move back forth up and down and all around for an hour and a half.

2023-02-25 - Rio linda, California

Large grey Japanese lantern the size of a trash bag with visible flame underneath. Spotted about 200 ft overhead and rising rapidly heading north. Rose to approximately 12000 ft over 3 minutes in the vicinity of SMF airport. I spotted in 95673 near Elkhorn and Rio Linda Blvd. Approximately 3:15 pm.

2023-02-24 - Key west, Florida

At approximately 7:30pm on Stock Island I saw a triangle shaped craft with 3 lights going from east to west towards Key West. It was silent. I couldn't tell the speed it was going, but my estimate would be between 100-150 mph. It was also flying a lot lower than a normal aircraft. The object looked translucent, although it could have been black because it was dark outside. In a weird way, it also looked like it was rotating. It didn't seem like it was flying flat like a normal aircraft.

2023-02-18 - Bemidji, Minnesota

Time: approx 2:25 pm, Location: SE of Bemidji on MN200 around 2 miles before the the MN 64 turn off. I saw a round, very shiny, glassy looking object in the sky. It had a white glow around it. It appeared to be approx 25 - 30' in diameter. It was not that high, probably 300 to 400'. I was driving, so I was looking at it, then glancing back to the road, then back to it. As I looked, it seemed to look as if it were becoming even more transparent; perhaps it was a trick of the light,(a camo technique?) I glanced back at the road & back up & it was gone. The sighting timeframe was 60 to 90 seconds.

2023-02-24 - Union gap, Washington

Saw black triangle had 4 lights one at each point and one in middle the lights were only on for maybe a few seconds was moving about half the speed of the airplanes that fly overhead was coming from the north moving south usually planes are flying from east to west or vice versa craft had no wings.

2023-02-02 - Frsno, California

Okay I just picked a date but see him all the time every day just about mostly in the summer time when it's warmer for some reason they fly through the sky like a star but it's not a star and sometimes Amber up I think to go back up come down but they go for quite some distance we've seen upwards too 12 element within 20 minutes 1 year and in Selma California I seen one of these white lit Spears if you will a lot of radiated light coming out of it pretty low in altitude flying past the ranch I was at and then a couple of Air Force planes had fallen right after it and not long after that in the Easton area the same thing I seen flying pass at a low altitude very bright light illuminated I think these might be related to The tick tock thing the Pentagon that release files on I do believe it has some of the significance to that and I can show these things when they fly through the sky at night and like I said warmer weather the more apparent they are the more activity there is they usually five from south southern to the Northern area I live in Fresno California and once in a great while you might see one go west to east or east to west but usually it's always south to North and I'm not a rocket scientist but I know satellites look like in the space station and all that stuff and I know about the launching of all those satellites is not that seeing is believing I can show somebody with their own eyes thank you may I add I know this is definitely not no string of satellites flying through the damn sky I have a legitimate report I like to get out that have some significance to the phenomenon that's going on that people are chasing somebody please take me serious and this matter I would appreciate that thank you.

2021-06-16 - Dallas, Texas

I was asleep when I felt myself rising from my bed. I opened my eyes and the one standing to my right saw me and it looked at the one standing to my left and it moved his arm and I felt myself drop back down to the bed. They had large eyes and gray in color. I saw them both and have no clue what they were going to do with me.

2023-02-23 - Las vegas, Nevada

The sky was semi darkened with clouds and a little overcast from an incoming storm so the blue sky behind showed what I've come to hear about looked exactly like the tic-tac. It was plane as day and I thought I was seeing things since I could see airplanes flying in other directions. It was way higher and trveling at a ridiculously higher speed than planes. I was traveling on the 215 west heading towards the 15 passing rainbow when I saw it. I only had a couple seconds and but had a chance to double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things. After I said something to my fiance which she didn't believe me of course. This all happened around 4 pm in Las Vegas NV. The tic tac was traveling south towards California.

2023-02-24 - Coral springs , Florida

At approximately 0730 on 02/24/2023 over the sky in Coral Springs Florida Air Force aircraft flying east to west (contrail) suddenly and abruptly changed course to north, north west alongside appeared a UFO at the same speed then suddenly broadside to the aircraft increasing speed to overtake the aircraft passing it with great speed and disappeared while the military aircraft continued to pursue both became out of view total time I saw it was approximately 1 minute.

2022-11-29 - Napa, California

It was about 1:15 in the middle of the afternoon, total clear blue sky, no clouds. I was on the playground with my kid and happened to look up into the sky and almost right above us in very close proximity (closer than any aircraft would be able to fly) was a large, silent, really shiny, metallic short bullet-shaped object that was moving really slow, almost still. Then I heard my kid’s name called by someone and I glanced down at my kid playing and when I looked back up a second later, it was gone. There wasn’t anything in the sky as far as I could see with my eyes.

2023-02-23 - District of columbia, Virginia

Approximately 7:46 pm, in Washington DC, noted four lights traveling north-westerly direction, high velocity, yet interacting (weaving near and away from one another). After approximately 30 seconds two lights abruptly reversed direction (no swing-around, they simply shifted to the opposite direction immediately) to the southeast while the remaining two continued on their northwest heading. While this was occurring at least two aircraft were in view, noted by their strobing wing lights and considerably slower velocity, a contrast to the speed of the four observed lights. All four maintained considerable speed until out of view. About 2 minutes viewing time in total. Attempted to photograph, unable to acquire focus….

2023-02-23 - Columbia, Missouri

Vertical white cylinder with arms hovering over Rolling Hills and route WW in Columbia, Mo moving slowly south and East. White in appearance but very reflective. Floating at an altitude lower than aircraft but higher than helicopters fly. I saw it around 3:05pm, after hearing sonic boom around 2:45pm.

2023-02-23 - Princeton, Texas

Looked at a little past 5am and right below the little dipper a set of two lights in a half triangle formation going east to west and tried to get phone out of pocket and the two lights slowly dimmed and then a larger light came on 3 times brighter then the small leading lights, yellowish in color and then that slowly dimmed as well, while still moving east to west along 380.

2023-02-23 - Palmyra, Virginia

At approximately 5:56am I took my dog out in my front yard on a leash. I always look up at the stars and noticed a light moving. I first thought plane but it had no lights blinking then I thought it may be a satellite. But it shifted direction on a dime and started moving in a wave like pattern. It was the same bright throughout until it turned really bright and green over my house. It slowed and then dimmed to what it looked like before. Then picked up to the speed it was before and continued on the way dimming as it went out of sight. Never have I seen anything like this in the sky.

2023-02-22 - Roanoke, Virginia

While in my backyard with my dog, we heard what sounded like an extremely loud noise, like a very low flying plane near the airport but not near an airport. It moved very slowly and very close to the trees.

2023-02-22 - Lakeway/bee cave, Texas

In the East sky about halfway up the horizon at 7:52pm CST there was an object that was thought to be a star in the sky until I noticed it seemed much closer than a star would and had 2 levels, upper and lower. Within moment of noticing it it started to pickup speed and swoosh, shot off southwest and disappeared.

2023-02-22 - Maryville, Tennessee

Watched what looked like a star fly across the sky for about 17 seconds changed directions and then left our atmosphere. It was extremely far away like higher than jets fly. No blinking lights. No noise. It was traveling faster than I'd ever seen anything fly before like, way faster. I didn't think comet because the way it changed directions. Looked exactly like a star. No tail no trail no noise. Just really really fast. This was amazing to see.

2016-12-31 - Denver , Colorado

Getting out of the car going to a New Years party, I noticed a slow glowing orb white in color slowly rising far off in the distance in the sky over Denver, CO, then another one appears below it, then another, as each one got higher another would appear under in, until 6 or 7 glowing orbs were slowly going up towards space in a vertical line formation. This happened for about 5 minutes or so, then the leading orb disappeared, then shortly after the next highest orb disappeared, until the final one had disappeared, it was a total of around 10 minutes of time.

2021-07-04 - Venice , Florida

On fourth of July last year, over Venice Florida 34293, I noticed a glowing orb moving around slowly, then after 35 seconds it started to go up, then disappeared! The orb was bright yellowish light, the object was around 2000 to 4000 ft above ground, and was the size of a pea at its distance. So I'm guessing it was probably pretty big of an object.

2023-02-22 - Webster, Florida

I came out my home at around 4am because I heard a Piece of metal sheeting, make noise I build metal buildings for a living so I’ve got sheeting Laid down in Several spots I thought maybe somebody was trying to steal some material so that’s why I decided to come out with a BB gun in my hands pointing towards the metal building I have in my back yard I pointed towards the building I think it was like three to five minutes I was thinking if there’s somebody there then they’ll see that I have a gun and run but nothing was there and for some reason I look to my left and there it was hovering like 15 feet away and 15 feet up in the air just hovering without making noise I thought maybe it was a sheriffs drone because I was Recently arrested by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department and I thought maybe they were checking on me but come to think I think it was a UFO because it made no noise and it . Was like 6 feet wide. It had a white lights and as soon as I seen it. It started turning around then the lights turned red two of them like eyes I ran in to put my boots on and to grab my Machete when I came back out it was far I could still see it but not as well as when it was 15 feet away

2023-02-17 - Snyder , Texas

Early in the morning in west Texas, I saw an abnormally bright star. I started to record the star and it started to slowly move across the sky. As it moved I could see it was a triangle object with lights on each point. It moved slowly and steadily, only moved after I started to record it.

2022-12-18 - Colemam, Texas

Sitting in my Deer blind and observed the attached sightings. Viewed objects with my binoculars and took pictures with my phone, also attached. I am a retired Fire Chief and 4 years USAF on the flight line and this is the second event ad I witnessed the same 2 weeks earlier.

2023-02-21 - Benavides , Texas

I forgot what day I saw this but it was sometime in November. I was looking at the sky & I saw 2 orange orbs & then they disappeared & formed into 4 orbs & then they formed a square & then disappeared. It was a weird encounter.

2023-02-21 - Clio, Alabama

I was just literally standing in my front yard and I seen three circular like objects fly down very low to the ground it got dangerously close and the trees and when was blowing very fast and it went very fast into an open field across the street from my grandmother's house I'll walk toward it I was very scared but I was anxious to see what it was and I seen what looks like a light that being down from it to the ground and I heard the grass rattling but I couldn't see anything so I ran back in the house and I was very scared and I found this article online to report it this is a serious case I believe they were on the ground coming towards me this needs immediate attention.

2022-09-05 - St augustine , Florida

I was fishing at Maria Sanchez lake in St Augustine early morning before sunrise. I constantly look to the sky at night.. I saw the regular starlink sats occasionally pass over. Roughly around 6:10am a green laser beam appeared horizontally over the edge of the coastline of the ocean. It was as high as a commercial jet crossing the ocean, possibly more. This light had to be a half-mile or a mile long. It stayed lit, from what seemed to be two points, and travelled east, farther over the ocean, for roughly 15-20 seconds. I tried to video but it wouldn’t focus, I did get a few pics of the event.

2023-02-21 - Greensboro , North Carolina

2 lights in the sky that are too close to be stars lined up on top of each other 1 very low. The lower one disappeared now is just higher one. It's still in the sky now at 8:07pm Feb. 21 2023 greensboro/ Kernersville.

2023-02-21 - Florence, South Carolina

At 5:50 PM, I saw an unusual object tumbling/rotating at a high speed. It was completely silent and left no trails in the sky. It appeared to be black and it appeared to be reflecting sunlight. Shortly before that, two fighter jets flew over, which is also unusual.

2023-02-21 - Yorkville, Ohio

Flash of light up on the sky above the hill side and what appeared to turn into a circular disk with a white light all the way around the outside of the disk shaped UFO.

2023-02-20 - Anchorage, Alaska

I live in anchorage Ak. This was over the south side. I have 20/20 vision and have this on camera but at night and with my iPhone. But you can see the light and the circle ufo over the house but not detailed like you would see in person. I saw a bright orange/red light that coned down, little bigger then what a jet looks like flying. It stayed there for a few seconds and then started to move towards three stars. It began to turn around this orange/red cone of light and then turned into a white light. The light turned off but you were able to see the ufo still moving towards the top of my neighborhood. As it went over the neighborhood I seen from light pollution this ufo was a circle with many different circle and square hatches of some kind. Strait up star wars hatch style. I still can’t believe what I saw. Ran outside and lost it but seen another set of the red/orange lights but super far away. Like something definitely going on up there.

2022-06-19 - Nashville , Tennessee

My wife and I had went outside on our front porch to smoke a cigarette. I looked up and was watching a large passenger jet flying west to east at around 25,000 feet that was leaving a con trail. When suddenly in front of the jet 3 or 4 bright red/orange lights appeared on a craft that was tic tac shape,dull grey color hovering vertically tilted around 15 degrees to the west. The lights were staggered running the length of the craft that was around 40 feet in length. I thought for sure they were going to hit each other but somehow they didn't. After the jet passed by the craft the lights on the craft went out and it was very hard to see the craft because of the dull gray color. The craft moved slowly to the west then suddenly was just gone. My wife couldn't see the craft because of how faint it was and blended into the clear sky. The time was 8:00pm.

2023-02-20 - Des plaines, Illinois

There are two objects in the sky that I have noticed for the past few days. They are northwest of O'Hare Airport. Not sure if they are stars or some type of Spy Balloons. I only notice them at night. Can this be checked out by a fly by?

2018-05-27 - Abilene, Texas

Video a circle that was bright and moving up down stopping in place side to side then it changed from a bright white light to a green one back to white then green again then it went red and then it just disappeared. It lasted for a about 15 mins even after I stopped recording.

2023-02-20 - Palm bay, Florida

I was walking my dog at the boat ramp on the Tillman Platte off of Palm Bay road at US1 in Palm Bay Florida I looked up in the Western sky and noticed the two planets that we see tonight that are shining so brightly then I looked to the East, and noticed two similarly bright lights that were together like almost next to each other in the sky they darted about an inch from my vision probably I don't know how far in the sky but from my vision an inch to the left and then an inch to the right and then disappeared both of them I'm assuming they were UFOs I saw one when I was a child and that was that I was wondering if anybody else saw this phenomenon tonight or if it was anything that that could explain that.

2023-02-20 - Lawton, Michigan

530 AM while jogging, saw bright, white light towards WEST,flashed and disappeared. 1-2 seconds total.

2023-02-20 - Homestead, Florida

Driving in the passenger side two lights hover and Bean under the clouds as we drove West towards key West this was very strange to me because I did not see any birds flying in the sky.

2023-02-17 - Page, West Virginia

About 3am there was a ufo over my garage I got it on my trail camera and it was about 8time the size of my garage or bigger.

2023-02-02 - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

I was outside smoking a cigarette with my dogs as I very often am. It was dusk and the sky was overcast. As I was looking up directly over my head coming from over my left shoulder the clouds became disrupted. The only way to describe it was as if you were looking at the clouds through the heat radiating from a fire. It was cold outside and there were no fires burning. As this object kept moving forward I could see the cloud disruption took the form of a large triangle. It wasn't moving fast so I had a good 20 seconds seeing this triangle moving forward as it vanished in the distance. I swear to God I witnessed this. If anyone is interested feel free to contact me.

2023-02-20 - Alfred, New York

I was outside walking to the store around 12:30. Just wanted to get some fresh air. I was walking downhill and I looked up and noticed about 10-15 lights in a triangular formation. When I looked close enough I could see the craft moving very slowing. Black pretty much blended in with the sky, almost like a shadow. What’s weird to me is how silent it was. Made no noise whatsoever. I could hear the stream of water down the hill. But did not hear anything from the craft. After a few seconds it passed over my head and disappeared into the clouds. Couldn’t regain sight of it. Very strange for sure. Idk if it’s military or what. But felt like I should post it on here to see what others may think.

2023-02-14 - Dorchester , Massachusetts

I was getting on the highway merging into traffic around 6-630 pm just starting to get dark it was around exit 15 near Dorchester ma I was heading down 93 south near the large gas tanks you always see on the news a couple miles away I think I could see a large crane sometimes you see a crane hanging a flag from them I saw a bright light looked like it was hanging from the crane I was like that's cool as I'm merging onto the highway I'm looking back and forth trying to merge into the travel lane when I looked forward again the lights were halfway between the crane the huge gas tanks and me now closer It was hovering now it looked like a cool helicopter as I look back and forth again merging onto the highway it's almost right above me I was like it's not a helicopter there's no blades wings or tale it was like looking at a car coming at you with highbeams on when it was right above me I saw it clear as day it was dark gray black on the bottom 3 brights triangle shape rounded edges a couple feet up the sides it was whitish gray like the color of the sky and clouds bleeding in it had sides coming up the sides looked like a cockpit two windows and in the background a plane was heading to Logan Airport I could see the difference between both of them there was no sound I never saw it move unt6it was directly over me real slow the same night there was strange string of lights over Boston the news reported it wasn't that it was like 50 feet over my car slowly passed over my car heading north up 93 near exit 15 it was nothing like I saw before only looked like the triangle ufo I saw on TV shows was very cool looking and I got a very clear look at it very close to me it almost looked like it was blending into the sky background.

2022-12-25 - Lufkin, Texas

I witnessed a shiny, silver colored, round orb in the sky over Lufkin, Texas. When I first saw it, it looked as if it was very far away in front of me and hovering in one spot in the sky. In the blink on an eye, the object appeared to be much closer and the shape appeared more elongated, or tic-tac shaped. It came to a complete stop in the sky, then I watched it vanish very quickly to the right of where I was. As it disappeared it appeared more circular in shape as it did before. This all happened instantaneously and was during daylight hours. There was no sound associated with the object that I could tell. I know it was not a commercial aircraft because I saw a commercial aircraft in another part of the sky at the same time as this object.

2023-02-19 - Bellmawr, New Jersey

Small round silvery grey object floating in a straight line moving slowly and silently from west to east. The object just moved steadily straight. At first I thought it may be a bird but the object never turned and wings were not visible. Also, the object had no lights. I guess this object could have been a small balloon but the object moved in a straight line and did not move up or down and flew right into a cloud and was gone after that. This happened at about 5:15pm Eastern Time on February 19, 2023 and lasted for maybe 10 seconds from when I looked out of the upstairs window until it went into the cloud and disappeared. I was going to retrieve my phone but the object was so small by the time I would have moved my eyes off of the object to grab my phone and take footage of it I would not have been able to obtain any meaningful video or pictures of the object.

2023-02-18 - Inman, South Carolina

I live in a small town upstate south Carolina. I spotted a med size disc silver grayish hovering over the rail tracks about 120 foot up in the air 2 other people was stopped in their vehicles looking as well. It was there maybe 3 seconds and took off straight up very quick.

2023-02-19 - Metairie, Louisiana

I was driving west on W Napoleon Ave around 1:30 pm. It was in my left side view. It was low over a residential area a lot lower than I normally see planes. It hovered for about almost a minute I would say. I didn’t have any place to pull over until I got near the entrance to Lafrenire Park in Metairie. I saw another car in front of me that had pulled over and was filming the sky in the same direction. It was dark gray. No lights and no sound. No windows or markings. The shape is very hard to describe but didn’t not look like any plan or helicopter I’ve ever seen.

2020-01-29 - Las vegas, Nevada

Kind of forgot about this but somebody mentioned something the other day and the pictures were still in my pictures of in a phone from that year three phones ago so I looked it up and definitely there this thing was at 10:00 a.m. exactly I had looked up I was working kind of a half a mile from nellis Air Force Base and installing the door and I looked up and I cuz I heard Jets my friend that was with me he glanced and then I noticed a black dot in the sky and it was kind of overcast that day that was like a lighter area like a hole in the cloud with the sun would shine brighter through that hole in the rest and I noticed this black dot and I snapped a picture with my phone and then zoomed in a little bit and took another picture so it wouldn't be too fuzzy and then looking at the time on the pictures it was probably 30 to 40 seconds later I took a picture of the same spot it was not there and nowhere in the sky there were jets flying but they were on the other side of the building the whole morning well looking again 19 minutes after 10:00 f-15 had passed under a lot lower where I had seen that dot on the other side of the building and it was the only plane that had gone over on that side I'm thinking this object whatever the cloud cover was that day you know 10,000 ft maybe and when I went and looked at the pictures it's exactly in sequence of that the first picture though you have to zoom the picture to see this thing and it's there the next picture in the same spot or anywhere around that 30 to 40 seconds there's nothing when I zoom it does not have the shape of an airplane and the person that was with me agreed and he witnessed the thing as well I'm just checking to see I have not been able to find if anybody else had seen anything on that date at 10:00 a.m. 1 29 2020 10:00 a.m. having filed a report and seen in 1976 never filed with move on because a I was very busy at the time with medical problems a couple of years back but a friend of mine that I used to work with and carpool with in Chandler Arizona knows all about it neither one of us were a big you know into the you know UFO thing my dad was an Air Force 30 plus years and and lived all around the world and but never really thought much about it until an episode that night in 1976 I've had that on my mind ever since I think about it possibly once a day every single day.

2014-07-23 - Gordo, Alabama

My sighting date isn’t accurate. But I hope that isn’t an important detail anyway in this story. I’m speaking about this now because for years I discredited this as a drone of some sort. Because of Google. I was living in Gordo AL, me and a friend were driving home from town on old highway 82 west bound. It was approximately 1 am. We turned down Hargrove road which is the road my driveway connects to. He lives about 3 miles away from my house but to get there we have to pass my driveway which is Huckleberry lane. Before my driveway the road has a slight left curve followed by decline in grade. At the bottom of this grade is my driveway. Then the grade proceeds to incline. I guess a good description would be my driveway is at the bottom of gulley. The end of my driveway has an orange street light which was illuminated at this time. As we proceeded around the curve and down the hill we spotted an orange ball of light exactly in the middle of the road around 20ft off the ground. We both spotted this at the same time. We were traveling around 40-50mph. As we proceeded to drive under the object I remember this inability to react. But consciously I was aware. But unable to react. I remember before this feeling we were approximately 30ft in distance from the object. As we proceeded approximately 30ft away from the object after we passed I was able to react again. I came to a stop, we looked back and there was nothing but I could tell by his reaction we had the same experience. He confirmed what we seen. At this moment we was 50-60ft from the event area. What I think makes my story unique is after around 2 minutes of us discussing this event we proceeded to turn around and replicate the event by driving back down the road because I assumed we saw a double image of the streetlight through the windshield. An illusion. We only tried once but we could not replicate the light we seen. We concluded it wasn’t the streetlight because this would be easily replicated. I proceeded to take him home and return home myself and I told my stepfather what happened. We are the only 3 that know this happened to us. I later googled orange ball of light and an article about drones appeared with a picture of the ball of light that had similar features of what we saw. I debunked it to this as it was relatively the same size as the ball of light we seen around 2ft - 3ft in diameter. I want to believe it was a drone but curiosity has got the best of me so I decided to release this story here. We still don’t know for sure what we saw but the sensations we experienced that night was unforgettable. I will never forget the feeling of consciously trying to react and being unable to. We was like moths to a flame. I wouldn’t say paralyzed but dazed would be a better description. And the snap back to being able to move and speak and finally say “bro did you see that” was surreal never felt anything like it. I would like to know what I saw and if this sensation has been reported before in UFO sightings because this is the only thing unexplainable to us. We didn’t lose track of time or anything this event lasted only 15-20 seconds maybe less. -J.W.

2023-02-19 - Peyton, Colorado

Strange illuminated light in the sky out of bedroom window. Light disappeared when I got up to look out of window. Reappeared shortly after laying back down. Keeps turning off in on in the sky. Not a plane or helicopter. Too bright. I’m not sure what it is.

2023-02-18 - Tacoma, Washington

At approximately 9:45 pm, there was a wavy, staggered line of at least 9 white lights in the sky. They were dimming like stars and moving SW at a slow speed.

2023-02-19 - Burtonsville, Maryland

Triangle flew over Burtonsville toward laurel. It was so clear to see above my neighborhood and by the time I drove out on the main road, it was barely visible, but still flying low. Almost like it had landed somewhere. We have an airport in Baltimore (BWI), but in all 32 years living here, I’ve never seen an object fly so low and so fast. 3 orange lights made up te triangle. The lights were not blinking.

2023-02-18 - Centerville, Massachusetts

This white light, popped out of nowhere. It proceeds to speed across the sky and just dissappear.

2023-02-18 - Ft myers, Florida

7:20 p.m. 2-18-2023,from my balcony facing west at ---- Brantley Road, from my viewpoint was approximately 18 in in diameter a bright white round at the back side more teardropped shape, moving very quickly when I noticed was approximately 80 ft above the tree line and quickly disappeared/descended toward the ground. Just thought I'd mention have never seen such a thing.

2023-02-18 - Hudson, New York

I was outside looking at the stars when I saw 2 small little lights go over me. It had no strobe or navigation lights so I ruled out an aircraft. It moved for a couple seconds when it just vanished.

2023-02-13 - Mpls / new hope, Minnesota

In the backyard in new Hope Mn, I was looking at the sky and a light Caught my eye . It was about 10 lights straight across. None were blinking and were in perfect sequence. It floated through the sky nice and calm. Then it went up ward and disappeared. I tried to grab my phone to take a picture, but I was to shaky to get it. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time.

2023-02-15 - Muncie, Indiana

Unexplained lights hover across the sky.

2023-02-06 - Mansfield , Pennsylvania

I saw a shiny silver orb above the tree line just off Mansfield, PA exit for north main st. It was just over the trees. I kept my eyes on it and pulled over to get my phone. I looked down long enough to to pick up my phone and it had vanished.

2016-08-18 - Bronx , New York

I was on my fire escape with one of my friends on live, and there was a triangular ufo with 1 blue light at every corner. it had a bright blue light in the middle and it directly above my building flying, it wasn’t loud but the sky was bright it was mid summer. this was a while ago so i made it a brief story because i dont know the exact times but i know what i saw.

2023-02-17 - Gresham , Oregon

Driving with my son through Gresham Oregon at around 10 pm. Saw a diamond shaped object hovering over area near Powell Blvd. object was at helicopter altitude but was clearly not a helicopter. It had four white lights and one small red light. We saw either the same object or a different one several miles down the road off Lusted Blvd. We both had a very intense strange feeling of anxiety. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. This was not an airplane or helicopter. Wondering if anyone else in the area saw this.

2023-02-17 - Sunrise, Florida

At first it appeared like a white commet with a red tail coming from the ground but not directly it was at an angle. Then it temporarily disappeared but then reappeared as a red dot that looked like a small distant start but the difference was it was moving and it had what appeared to be a sound barrier forming around it. Unfortunately it went behind a house and I couldn't see it anymore.

2023-02-17 - Columbus, Ohio

I just now saw at 11:26 p.m. a flashing light in a circular pattern in the southwestern sky that moved Southwest in a 17 second pattern as far as I could count but it's set very quickly Within I would say 4 minutes until I couldn't see it anymore.

2023-02-17 - Conway, Arkansas

I was driving over the hill on Skyline drive and spotted a small flying saucer with lights. It only lit up for 1-2 seconds. I glimpsed a light again out of my rear view mirror.

2023-02-17 - Quantico, Maryland

I look out my window to see Blinking lights hovering over wicomico county, eventually splitting into 2 peices each with their own blinking lights slowly moving away from each other. No it's not a helicopter, I walked outside to get a better look as the objects were in standstill, I could hear no sound at all.

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